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Uh OH Here We Go!

Posted on 10. Jul, 2009 by in The Secret


O.k. I didn’t want to blog about this. It is a very touchy subject and I didn’t want to go there ,but it is time for all of us to GO THERE.  OH MY GOD. WE have to!  So I will do this in sections as it is broken up on the web. I watched the whole thing ,however I will open up and end the discussions as I post the videos.

I have to admit. I am one of those folks who was raised in the church. Now, as a “believer” in an external God that somehow controlled not only what I did ,but what everyone around me did I was very frustrated. I thought that there was nothing that I or anyone could do to change their life or their experience. That Sucks! The Good News is …… I was wrong!

A funny thing happened. When I began to dig a little deeper, things that would be called blaspheming began to make sense and the things that I thought were true began to not feel so true.

For instance…

Have you ever heard anyone say I will never be able to (insert your experience)? And for them that is always true. Or have you ever heard someone say I did (insert amazing thing) because I knew I could do it. And that is true for them. The only thing that is constant about both of these things/experiences is that they both believed that they would experience what they inevitably experienced. If that is not God like manifestation what is it?

O.k. I couldn’t leave it with one post. So f.y.i. I will probably do two at a time from now on. Keep it consistent. LOL ! :-)
What I love about this clip is that Annie Lobert and Carlton Pearson are speaking truth in these two clips. The interesting thing is that Annie doesn’t realize the power in the truth that she is speaking. Bishop Pearson and Annie are keeping it real and actually agreeing with each other even though they may not realize it.

Take a look at this and I quote.

I came to Las Vegas to seek fame fortune and materialism. I was actually seeking a college degree. Compromised my integrity because I wanted something I saw others have. I was very empty inside. I was very unloved. I hated myself and MY own feelings of not feeling loved….

You get the point a lot of I then she manifest life from this place of hate for herself and blames something outside of herself. I think that is very intriguing. Bishop Pearson then follows up confirming that you become what you believe. Both without realizing it are in agreement and it is beautiful.

This clip is one of the most informative and honest clips of this series. No anger. No hatred. No need to be right. Just Truth!



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