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Universal Laws of Attraction-Abraham Hicks Pt 4 of 5

Posted on 19. Aug, 2009 by in Law of Attraction

Oooookkkaaaayy!! This is absolutely AMAZING! The more you focus on whatever you don’t want the more you attract it. O.k. if that doesn’t open your mind I don’t know what will. Abraham says the the universal law of attraction is a law of inclusion. So according to the law of attraction the more you focus on whatever it is that you don’t want the more you include it in your vibration. The more you include it or say NO to it , whatever it is, the more the cosmic law of attraction includes in your vibration and the more it comes to you! Did you hear that! Sorry, DID YOU READ THAT! LOL! ;-)

What I love the most is that Abraham says the the source or ,the you that understands the cosmic law of attraction, would not focus on the things that it does not want to manifest or include in its vibration. So again when you look at what you want and say yes to it you include it in your vibration and you add unto it and when you see something and you say no to it you include it in your vibration and you add more unto it. The source that is a part of you does not do this , because that part of you understands the cosmic law of attraction, the you inside you would never focus on the war on terrorism or the war on drugs or the war on crime because it understands that by saying no the these things it is saying yes to including these things in its vibration. Wow! Is that not amazing!

I don’t know about you but this is pretty exciting. In the past I have said no to a lot of things. So now I am going to start saying yes and only yes to the things that I want to include in my vibration. Because as we just heard to focus on anything else would be absurd. What a gift Abraham is. So now that you know a little more about how to use the law of attraction get out there and manifest all of your yes’s and tell us about them. Lets celebrate them together. Be blessed.

As if that isn’t enough Abraham continues to say that the longer you live the more contrast you see and the faster you attract things to you.

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