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Posted on 17. Sep, 2009 by in Law of Attraction

thmotivationalspeaker Act as if you already have it and it will manifest in your life. Whatever it is!

This has been the message of the week. I don’t know if you are following along with the book that we are reviewing Creative Mind and Success this week but man is this amazing! Act as if you already have it! Now the interesting thing is once you do that you raise your vibration. You can instantly feel it.  You start to feel better and according to the cosmic law of attraction feeling is our indication of what we are doing vibrationally. So do it right now!!

Seriously take a minute and close your eyes and visualize yourself with everything you want. What does it feel like? What does the air smell like? What does the food taste like? What do you do when you wake up now that you have all of the things that you desire. Take a moment right now and do that. Then after you have spent a good ten minutes minimum visualizing this come back and read the rest.


Welcome Back!

So wasn’t that great! You are now officially using the cosmic law of attraction for your good and the good of others.  Now our exercise from this point forward is to keep that feeling in your lives all of the time. Everyday you already have IT. Every morning you already have IT. Every minute of every day of every night of every moment of your life you already have IT. IT is not coming IT is not on ITs way IT IS HERE!!!


How great is that. No more SOMEDAY I am going to have this or SOMEDAY I am going to have that. YOU HAVE IT RIGHT NOW AND YOUR LIFE IS EVERYTHING THAT YOU EVERY WANTED IT TO BE!


So no more when I get … No more I am manifesting ….. No more I am waiting for this to show up in my reality. These are all things and thoughts that keep your desires separate from you and your current vibration, your current reality. You have it right now. So here are some new phrases for you abundant folks.

  • I am wealthy
  • I am happy
  • I am healthy
  • I have more than enough (Fill in Your Desire Here)
  • My life is abundant
  • I am grateful that my abundance allows me time to (Fill in Your Desire Here)
  • Everyone helps me in fulfilling my goals and dreams.
  • The universe helps me every day to do whatever I desire.
  • I have more than enough time
  • I have more than enough money
  • I have more than enough energy

ACT AS IF IT IS HERE!  Because it IS!

Peace and Blessings,

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