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Creative Mind And Success (Part 2&3)

Posted on 26. Sep, 2009 by in Book Reviews

Troy Horne-Change The Tape Founder

Now the thing that I love about Creative Mind and Success is that when you are reading it you feel like you just found the key to a secret passage way. It is like you just you are Neo and you are at the beginning of the Matrix trilogy. This is the real deal book. If you don’t have a copy you need to get one! Lets get to the Review!

Part 2-What is Life?

This is the beginning of the beginning. Ernest Holmes does an amazing job of “Breaking It Down”! In this section he explains with you ,not at you, what life is. This is one of the best explanations of the universal law of attraction that I have ever read. Dr. Holmes helps his readers understand that if life is… I can’t do it justice you will have to read it. Here is a tiny excerpt from the section (i.e. the box to your key to the matrix.)

Since God is all, there is nothing to hinder Him/Her from doing what She/He wishes, and the question, “How do things come into being?” is answered” : God makes them out of Him/Herself. – Ernest Holmes

Part 3 – Man’s Place In Creation

As my mom would say “Buckle your seat belts kids.” This section goes from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds and the acceleration is smooth. I hesitate to write to much because the author has done so well. All I can say is READ THIS SECTION AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! Your life will be changed. Take a look at this excerpt.

“Man/Woman is a center of God in God. Whatever God is in the Universal, man/woman must be in the individual world.” – Ernest Holmes

Marinate on that for a minute. Whatever God is in the Universal we must be in the individual world. You are limitless!! You are powerful! You are a creator! You and God are one! You and source are one! You are the God you Seek! The universal law of attraction is working in your life right now. If that makes you feel uncomfortable ask yourself why does that make you feel uncomfortable?

I know that for me it was a very uncomfortable thing to hear the first time that I heard that. Why? Well because all of a sudden I was responsible for everything that happens or happened in my life. I couldn’t say “Well it was Gods will.” or “Whatever God has planned for my life is what will happen and whatever it is it will be good.” without knowing that I had control over the proverbial IT ,because I was in God and God was in me. So in a nutshell I couldn’t give responsibility to some God outside of myself. I had to give all of the responsibility to the God within myself. UH OH! :-)

What do you do when you realize that you are it! You are that God/Source that you are talking about because you are connected to source and source is in you. Source is around you. Source/God is you?

I can tell you what I did. I panicked! I ran kicking and screaming away from this truth for about two years. And then I begin to wake up. Like Michael Beckwith says “Once you know about this teaching, the universal law of attraction, cosmic law of attraction, the law of manifestation whatever you want to call it. The die has been cast and your life will never be the same. You Must Wake Up!”

See you next week for Parts 4 & 5 of Creative Mind and Success.

Be Blessed and Manifest!


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