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A New Life in 30 Days!! – Abraham Hicks

Posted on 05. Oct, 2009 by in Law of Attraction

Troy Horne-Change The Tape Founder

I saw this post and my interest was piqued. It seems to be the message from the Universe. The message is it does not take a long time to change your life if you really want to. You just have to ask because when you ask it is always given!

So as usual Abraham is full of wonderful knowledge!  From the time they begin speaking you feel your vibration rising!  What a gift the Secret Movie is!  What a gift Abraham is! What a gift all of these teachers are! I wonder how many other Abrahams are hanging around this physical plane wanting to share their knowledge with us.  Either way I am certainly thankful that we have been blessed with this teacher. With these friends and their infinite wisdom.  The best part about all of this is that we all have that wisdom.  We all have this knowledge we just forgot that we had it when we entered into this physical body.  Thankfully we have chosen to be connected to some of our friends in the spiritual plane while we are here in the physical one. So let us get to the post.

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Abraham opens with a reminder that we are all creators and that we came here to create. Think about that!! A limitless being here in the physical plane able to create anything she or he wanted to. ANYTHING! Are you excited? Because that limitless being is You! If you are anywhere in life you are there because you chose to be there. If you have created a situation you are there because you chose to create that situation. You chose to use the Secret Law of Attraction to create what you are experiencing. So instead of going “No I didn’t!” or “Why would I choose to create this pain for myself?” Think I am going to start creating the things that I want! I am going to start creating the life that I want. Sorry about the excitement. It has been a while since I have been able to blog. :-) Boy is life wonderful!

“When you think and give thought that brings forth great emotion…. Now you have accessed the power of the universe!” The power of the Universe. I don’t think we really understand the limitless power that Abraham is talking about. Think about this. The Universe.

The Milky Way would be the size of one of those little dots on the outer ring of this picture. Earth is even smaller. You have the power of the entire UNIVERSE at your fingertips!! So what are you waiting for commit to create what you desire. A friend of mine Jeni Fujita has a group on Facebook called the positive manifestation movement. Great group!! If you are looking for another supportive community this is it!

So I am going to offer in addition to Abrahams 30 day process the groups 7 day challenge. A note from Jeni the Group founder of The Positive Manifestation Group!

Refocusing 1 Mind at a time.. starting with mine.. 7 Day Mental Challenge..

Who wants to do the 7 Day Positive Thinking Challenge with me??? 7 Day Mental Diet. Establish habits of noticing what u DO have instead of what u DONT have… Noticing what’s GREAT about a situation instead of what’s NOT.. Focusing on Solutions instead of Problems.. Decide 2 become ‘curious’ instead of judgmental. Who’s in???

“Free yourself from the disease of making others WRONG and you’ll free yourSELF from the disease of making yourSELF wrong. You have a lot more energy to create solution instead of problems..” Tony Robbins

So the idea is when the negative thought comes in you move to something positive as quickly as you can.. shift to gratitude, appreciation, look for the good in it.. decide what you DO want.. look at what you DO have.. every day become better than u were the day before… bounce back and bounce back and bounce back. And rededicate yourself to your Faith or Belief and Certainty that you know you are GOOD. holla.

My mission: Refocusing one mind at a time. Starting with MINE.
Who’s in? And come by my page and leave a comment as well…I am there more often than here.

I am a channel of love light and happiness… booya.

Abraham says that we are constantly using the secret law of attraction in our workshops. When we are thinking we don’t have enough we are working/creating/manifesting that in our workshop! We are creating it and bringing it into our reality in the physical plane. Have you read the secret book? If you have not pick it up! Read it! Amazing stuff! O.k. so there is a huge nugget of knowledge hidden right in front of your face! How many times do we say you have to pay the price? How many times do we say the road to success is difficult because if it was easy everyone would be doing it? How many times do we say no pain no gain? Well get this! Abraham says in this video which is totally inline with all of the teaching of the law of attraction. It is not necessary for you to tolerate the things that you don’t want to get the things that you do want! – ABRAHAM HICKS


It is not necessary for you to tolerate the things that you don’t want to get the things that you do want! – ABRAHAM HICKS

Have you ever known anyone to have what we call overnight success? Then we in our physical reality dare to say. Well that doesn’t happen all of the time. or They were lucky. or Don’t count on that happening for you. And what happens. We manifest exactly what we say. A long difficult road to success. We pay our “dues”. We “Pay The Price”. I don’t know about you, but I am refusing to pay the price anymore. Since I am a limitless being and I can create anything that I desire. I desire to have my manifestations now and to discontinue paying the price. I am open to all of my abundance and I am ready to receive it RIGHT NOW!! Not tomorrow! Not after I suffer a little bit. Not after I pay the price, but RIGHT NOW!! Thank you Universal Law of attraction.

For any of you that struggle with what I just said let me close with one of the most powerful things that I have ever heard in my entire existence on this physical plane. “We are not here to get others to get, do, be or have others to be or do or have what we have There is not one thing that is right while all other things are wrong.” – Abraham Hicks

I also wish to manifest a world where everyone understands this profound teaching! Can you imagine how peaceful, prosperous, and successful our planet will be when we wrap our heads around this thought.

Peace and Blessings,



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  1. shaz

    08. Oct, 2009

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  4. 30 Days of Happiness

    31. Jul, 2013

    I have created an eBook which documents my experience through this 30 day process. If anybody is interested in reading about my experience my eBook is on the Amazon/kindle store. It is called ’30 Days of Happiness’. Please give it a look, you won’t regret it.

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