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Creative Mind and Success Part 8&9

Posted on 28. Oct, 2009 by in Book Reviews

Troy Horne-Change The Tape Founder

So this is the first step. Understanding that every thought manifests itself into its physical equivalent is the beginning of the journey down the proverbial wormhole. Oh!! What a journey. It is kind of exciting. No… It is very exciting to know that you, that we are beginning to access a power that is limitless. A power that has been used by many teachers and that was most notably used by Jesus the Christ. Be blessed and manifest. Troy

First Steps

What a wonderful name for this section because these truly are directions to the first steps. You see it is kind of like a baby learning to walk. She does what we call “cruising” for a period of time. Now for those of you who are not aware of what cruising is or what I mean when I say cruising let me explain. When a baby is thinking about walking and taking her first steps she holds onto objects as she moves around the room. You see, she HOLDS ON to things that she thinks are sturdy and things that she thinks will keep her upright and keep her safe. She holds on to things that she thinks she needs to keep her balance. The best thing about watching a baby in this stage is that when she is not aware of her surroundings, when she is not aware of her “need” to hold onto something to balance herself, she will stand up without holding on to anything. I know you have seen it.

What usually happens is that the first time her parents see this they will celebrate aloud and say look she is standing. Baby will smile and then notice that everyone is excited. Usually with this celebration and excitement she often becomes aware that she is not holding onto anything and either grab onto something or fall down into that wonderful baby sit. Please tell me you have seen it. If not here is a video of a baby cruising so that you can get the idea.

This is exactly what we do when we begin to walk and purposefully use the cosmic law of attraction. We often know what it is and we try it. We love our meditations and we love our conversations, and we love our blogs, and we love our books, but we leave it at that. Ooooh my inner source is talking to me right now. Every once and a while we manifest something great! Something others would call a miracle and what do we do? We explain it away. “Oh that might have happened this time but it won’t happen again.” Or “That is just a coincidence.” Or “I really appreciate this, but I don’t deserve it.” The president did this recently it was pretty unfortunate that nobody was there to tell him to never utter those words to achieve the approval or acceptance of anyone. ANYONE! And just as I am saying to you that he should not have done that with the Nobel Peace Prize, you should never do that with anything that you manifest. Why? Because every thought manifests itself into its physical equivalent and unless you don’t want what you have manifested to continue to manifest you should not tell the cosmic law of attraction that you do not want it. Because guess what? By your words and your thoughts you will send it away!

How To Attain Strength

This section should be called how to walk without holding on to anything. Because that is exactly what it is. In this section Dr. Holmes basically says “Now that you have had some time to realize that you are cruising it is time to let go of the chairs and tables and step out into the middle of the room. Go ahead you can do it!” Dr. Holmes talks again about controlling your thoughts and only thinking about things that you wish to see manifest. You know the funny thing about this book and most of the books that I have read about the cosmic law of attraction is that they all say control your thoughts. It is almost like the universe is screaming for us to control our thoughts. Yet, so many of us DON’T. Even though we know that our thoughts manifest into their physical equivalent, even though we know that you become what you think about, even though we know that if we allow ourselves to entertain negative thoughts they will become part of our vibration and manifest into our physical reality.


Ernest Holmes pretty much says ummmmm STOP!


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2 Responses to “Creative Mind and Success Part 8&9”

  1. Max

    30. Oct, 2009

    I like your explanation, simple yet meaningful. I don’t know if there is anyone who still don’t understand about the Law of Attraction on that. No matter what, though they understand about it , and don’t believe in it, the law of attraction still works.

  2. Troy Horne

    30. Oct, 2009

    thanks for saying that sir

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