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Creative Mind And Success 12/13

Posted on 08. Nov, 2009 by in Book Reviews

Troy Horne-Change The Tape Founder

I don’t know how else to say this ,but you should be reading this book everyday. If you don’t have it get it any way you can. The cosmic law of attraction is working! What will you manifest today?  With that being said lets get to the review for today. Be blessed and manifest. Troy

What We Will Attract

So just in case you missed it what you think about you become. I have to say that if you are not reading or listening to self help tapes or motivational speakers then you might be doing this the hard way. Why would you want to do that? :-)

In this section Dr. Holmes writes that you need to put all negative thoughts out of your mind. Not some but all. As soon as any negative thought comes into your consciousness you are suppose to push it out or kill it as he says. I understand  that that can be hard to do.   Sometimes you find that you are surrounded by beings/people that are not on this path to self awareness and they attempt to pull you into a negative space. Or sometimes you have had years of feeding yourself negative messages and you have to practice turning those off. The best thing that you can do is to recognize what is going on and cancel it.  Don’t beat yourself up because you are having the thoughts.  That doesn’t do anyone any good. As a matter of fact because you are beating yourself up and saying things like I can’t stop thinking negative thoughts or this that and the other. The cosmic law of attraction says your wish is my command and gives you more of that.  So Celebrate that you see them.  Celebrate that you know what they are. Celebrate that you have the consciousness and wherewithal to turn them off! Celebrate that you can cancel them and replace them with the thoughts that you want to manifest.  Before you could not do that.  Before they were just allowed to grow and manifest all of the things that you did not want.  That won’t happen any more.  You are waking up. Yippeee!!! :-) Celebrate!

More About The Power of Attraction

This is absolutely beautiful. So this section is about how you ask. This is a great time to revisit the whole chair exercise that we did earlier. That asking knowing that it is given. That kind of asking knowing that it is already yours. A lot of times we struggle with this because we can’t see it instantly or there isn’t a loud voice coming down from the sky saying “I heard you and yes I will get that for you. Just give me a minute.” Because we don’t here that voice or get some kind of “sign” we immediately go into the what if it doesn’t happen game. You know the inner voice starts to bring up all of it’s doubts and fears and confusions and we start to buy into it.

Here is what I would like for you to picture in your minds eye. If you have ever seen a kid ask for something then you know that they have got this down pat. They will ask and ask and ask for whatever it is that they want. Then after you say yes they will continue to talk about how great it is going to be when they get that thing that you said that you would get for them. They talk about what they are going to do with it. They talk about where they are going to put it in their room. They talk about what games they will play with it and which friend they will share it with. They know that it is theirs. There is zero doubt that it is theirs. Do you know what I am talking about?

That is what we need to do for the things that we want to manifest. We need to clear out the space in our house, office or life for where it is going to go. We need to discuss who we are going to share this manifestation with. We need to think about what games we will play when we manifest the thing that we wish to manifest. Remember children have not forgotten who they are. They have not forgotten the limitless God beings that they are. They remember and use the cosmic law of attraction like the masters that they are. So learn from them and manifest your desires and dreams without any doubt or fear that it will not come and it will show up at your door with bells on.

Be Blessed and Manifest,


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