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The Law OF Attraction Cliff Notes

Posted on 11. Dec, 2009 by in Law of Attraction

Troy Horne-Change The Tape Founder

The wholelaw of attraction secret thing is pretty awesome. You see sometimes the easiest thing is the hardest to do. You will see what I mean. So the teachers of the law of attraction say the same thing. It is up to you to start doing it. Peace and Blessings Troy

So I keep hearing my friends ask me how to manifest. In the past I would say “Hmmmmmm I don’t. I think if you hold the image of what you want to be do or have in your mind and you say your positive affirmations so that you replace the negative thoughts in your mind. Things will begin to happen.” The problem was that I was doing those things and things were not happening. However, that is what I read so I knew that this was what you were suppose to do. I started to think that maybe I was just doing it wrong. So I did what any self respecting law of attraction student would do. I DID MORE! Surely the issue was quantity not quality. So I did more and more and more until I reached new levels of frustration. Which of course manifests itself into it’s physical form and creates more frustration.

And then it happened. I slowed down and started to meditate. Not just close my eyes and listen to a guided meditation CD. Really meditate. Quite room. No noise. Just me and my mind chatter. Let me tell you that guy inside my head can talk!! I could not believe how much he had to say. Especially when I was trying to keep him quiet. Finally after a few minutes of letting him have his way. I asked him to be quite and the silence began. Oh there were interjections here and there, but for the most part he cooperated.

Then as I was rounding up this exercise the quiet voice, the voice that some call intuition or source energy or God, started to whisper to me. Now some would say “Oh so now you talk to God.” To which I would say “We all do. I just made some space and time available so that I could listen.” It was in that moment that this whole thing hit me. You have to believe. Really Believe. Then I was reading Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes and there it was again. Now here it is.

You know the feeling you have when you start your car in the morning. The feeling of belief that it is going to start. Or the feeling you have every time you take a breath. The feeling that there is going to be air. You have no doubt that there will be air. You believe it so much that you don’t even think about it. You just breath. How about the feeling that you get when you hit the power button on your computer or the feeling that you have when you sit down on a chair in you apt or house. You don’t even have a millisecond of doubt that these things are going to work for you. You know they will work. Hold that image in your mind. The image of turning on your car or sitting in a chair. Feel the feeling of knowing that you have. The feeling of knowing that these things will be there and work for you. Then feel the feeling of knowing that comes with the things that you are looking to manifest. Are they the same? If not your job is to make them the same!

You see for me they were two different feelings. The feeling that I use to have for my desires and dreams was a feeling of knowing mixed with a feeling of hope and a dash of fear. Fear that it would not come true. Fear that if it didn’t come true I was doomed for failure. That is a lot different than the feeling I had when I started my car or sat it a chair. In short I didn’t know. I didn’t truly believe. When I changed that feeling of “knowing” with the feeling of knowing that I get when I start my car. Things started to happen. So feel the feelings and make sure that you are using the correct one to manifest your desires. It will work I guaranty.

If you just thought “We’ll see.” or something like that. You are not using the law of attraction for what you want. Make the choice to use for what you want. :-)




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One Response to “The Law OF Attraction Cliff Notes”

  1. J. Toney

    10. Jul, 2011

    This is a short book, easy to follow and very straight forward. It is a must read for anyone that is not happy with how their life is working, or even for someone who is, and wants to enrich their life further.

    For those skeptics out there, this stuff really works. It’s not magic, it is nature!! I encourage you to spend the short time it takes to read this book!!! But, be prepared to change!!! If you utilize the information you read, your life WILL change. I have been somewhat practicing these concepts in my life for almost a year now, without really realizing it. I have found the love of my life, have more money in my savings account than I ever imagined, have an new job that I love, and make 10% more than the job I was “downsized” from. I will be moving into a new home soon, and will have a new vehicle soon. This has all happened in 10 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just read it and find out for yourself!! You will not regret it!!!!!!

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