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Focus on What You Want and It Will Not Come! Ever!

Posted on 04. Jan, 2010 by in Law of Attraction

Troy Horne-Change The Tape Founder

Did that wake you up? :-) So I took some time off from blogging to visit the world of friends and family. Hang out return phone calls and do the whole holiday thing. What I found was something very interesting. Peace and Blessings Troy

I had a very interesting week. As usual I ate too much. However, I have to say that it was not the usual too much. Studying the law of attraction is helping me with that. Like I was saying a week of listening. Surprising I know. :-)

Well let me tell you what happened. I was doing the whole holiday food thing and hanging out thing and I started hearing all of the negativity that we willingly manifest. I was surprised at how much people will fight for “The Struggle” for the sake of “living in reality”. I was surprised at how much we fight for the difficult, the unwanted life experience, the sickness, the poverty, the whatever. I didn’t realized how much people around me were manifesting the things they did not want. I mean when you spend most of your life in front of a computer you get a little disconnected and lost in your own wonderful dream world. Which is a reality in and of itself. Talk about that later. Moving on….

There was talk about how bad the economy was and how hard it was for people here and there and everywhere. Let me tell you if I hear one more time that the economy is the root of someones ailments I am going to scream. Well not really. I will actually just say cancel and affirm that it is a wonderful economy for me and my business (which it has been and will continue to be) and move toward the proverbial door.

My favorite one this holiday season was this one and I quote “You should change your flight to leave t a day earlier. Everyone is experiencing delays.” Usually followed by a “This is the worst time of the year to fly you know.” Now I would like to point out that out of ALL of the flights taken by my family and extended family only one of them had any issues with their flight and I would be willing to bet that that was a result of all of the negative manifestation law of attraction energy that was given to that very experience. MMMMMKAY!

The whole point is to have you ask yourself do you do this. Do you give power to external forces. External forces that we now know are all controlled by internal thinking. I use to. I am still learning and growing and sifting through thirty-five years of manifesting things that I did not want, with a number of exceptions of course, the great thing is like you, I now know what the bad energy is. Before I didn’t. Yet I digress.

I guess the great thing is getting that every thought manifest. Not some of the thoughts or the ones you like. I use to think that the law of attraction knew that I wanted this and not that. Well friends it doesn’t care what you meant. The law of attraction cares what you vibrate. So be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.


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