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The Tori Experiment! Try This At Your Own Risk! :-)

Posted on 27. Jan, 2010 by in Law of Attraction

Troy Horne-Change The Tape Founder

So my friend Tori (A.K.A. Law of Attraction Jedi Master) did a little experiment. I have to say this experiment was pretty ingenious. Here, see for yourself. Oh and if you do try this we are not responsible for the results. Try at your own risk! I am referring particularly to the last part. Peace and Blessings Troy

So I was talking to a very dear friend of mine about how quickly the law of attraction shows up if you are conscious of how you are using it and how the use is bearing its resulting effects. What I mean by that is if you know that thoughts are things, and you think positive thoughts about a specific thing, and you are aware of what you are looking to manifest, when it shows up you won’t miss it. The same goes for negative thoughts. If you think a negative thought about a specific thing and you are aware of this thought, you won’t miss it when it shows up.

It’s kind of like when we say I really hope that I don’t run out of money before that bill comes. Well some people say that the law of attraction does not understand this thought to be “I hope I don’t run out of money” It hears run out of money! The reason for this is not because the law of attraction is moronic or something it is because your vibrational thought when you say this is usually on “Running out of Money” not on the prevention of running out of money. Yet I digress.

So with this knowledge young Tori (A.K.A. Law of Attraction Jedi Master) said to herself I am going to do a little law of attraction experiment. I am going to wake up every morning for a week and say “I AM GOING TO HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY!” So for a week she woke up every morning and said “I AM GOING TO HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY!” As I understand it this was a great week it was as if a magical vortex had opened up and all was well in the world. Things just fell into place!

Warning: The experiment of which you are about to read was performed by a Law of Attraction professional. Do not try this at home. Any and all actions taken after reading the following will be done at your own risk.

So being a professional Law of Attraction master she thought “Well what would happen if I did the exact opposite. So the next week she did exactly that. She woke up on the first morning of the new week and said to aloud. “I am going to have a bad day today.” and guess what. It was one of the worst days that she had had in a long time. So after this first day with ample evidence of the resulting effects of the use of the law of attraction our Jedi Master discontinued the experiment.

Very Wise Tori! Very Wise!

Peace and Blessings

Law of Attraction Blogger


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  1. Rufina Anselmi

    27. Mar, 2011

    Thanks a lot. Some posts seem to come just at the right time. I do appreciate all the points you mention. Every now and then I find myself wondering but now it is all clear. Thank you.

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