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O.K. WHOA & Welcome To Your Vacation

Posted on 15. Feb, 2010 by in Law of Attraction

Troy Horne-Change The Tape Founder

I can’t believe that we just passed the 800 subscriber mark. Welcome all of you and I hope that this blog has been as much of a blessing in your life as it has been in mine. Peace and Blessings Troy

So I know that it has been a while since I have been here ,but I have been working on establishing a non profit that my spirit has led me to create. The funny thing is I have been so afraid to step into this vision that I have prolonged doing it for over a year. Finally my spirit and my truth would not let me wait any longer and forced me to bring it into this physical plane. More about that later. :-)

I found this Abraham video this morning while looking for something to say to the eight hundred of you that are reading this blog and this is what I discovered. What a gift and welcome to your vacation.

The Law of Attraction is continually working in and through you. What are you attracting right now? The great thing about this vacation is that it is a vacation. BE HAPPY!

The beautiful thing about this teaching is releasing resistance. The beautiful thing is that you are creating any and all resistance that you are experiencing. So it is up to you to stop creating resistance. You can do it. Earl Nightingale says your job is to stop thinking about the things that you do not want to experience. SOOOOOO Stop thinking about anything that you do not want to manifest. ANYTHING! Your on vacation for God Sakes! Enjoy it because if you don’t when you get home you will wonder why you didn’t. :-)




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9 Responses to “O.K. WHOA & Welcome To Your Vacation”

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    22. Feb, 2010

    “подробней пожалуйста”

  4. Архитектур

    23. Feb, 2010

    Очень интересно, но все в будущем хотелось бы еще побольше узнать об этом. Очень понравилась ваша статья!

  5. FilmFox

    23. Feb, 2010

    Отлично написано! Буду много думать…

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    24. Feb, 2010


  9. koshelek

    24. Feb, 2010

    Сайт супер, буду рекомендовать друзьям!

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