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Posted on 17. May, 2011 by in Motivation

If you are ever in need of motivation thing about this. No matter how much money you acquire, no matter how many things you have you can always make more. We have heard the stories of the woman or man who has made a fortune only to lose it under some unforeseen circumstances.

We have also heard how that person has spent a little time at the bottom only to make their fortune back and sometimes they make a larger fortune than they had initially. However, (and here is the motivation part) the one thing that you never heard of and will never hear of someone losing time and getting it back.

Time is the most important thing you have. The more you value your time the happier you will be, and isn’t that what it is all about. Guard your time with more intensity than you guard anything in your life and watch how your life transforms to be the life you have always desired.




4 Responses to “Time!”

  1. Lea G

    10. Jul, 2011

    i totally agree. time is very precious. you can’t turn back time one it passes. so, live life to it’s every second. don’t waste time.
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  2. atorsoole

    11. Jul, 2011

    It is well told.

  3. Rosalia

    30. Oct, 2011

    It is true that we have to value of our time because once it slips, it will never return. Best usage of time makes the man healthy, wealthy and wise. Hence, one must use time correctly because you can you’re your time but cannot buy it back. Nice post!
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  4. Leo

    11. Nov, 2011

    I remember one quote “You can sell your time but you can never buy it back”. Time is money and power. The rate of your success entirely depends on how you utilize your time. Many people just keep on rushing and do some unnecessary activities. If they can save some time they can atleast spend some peaceful moment with themselves. Thanks for a great reminder.
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