Summer Fun: Two FREE Workouts!

Summer, summer, summertime!Fresh Prince

Vacations and barbecues.

Outdoor adventures and drinks on the patio.

Who doesn’t love it?

You know what else people love?

Free stuff.

If you are headed on a relaxing vacation of book reading, sun bathing (with the appropriate amount of sunscreen of course) and cool beverage sipping, by all means enjoy! Down time is crucial to recharging your batteries and refocusing on your wellness goals.

But if you decide you might to sneak a 30 minute workout, here are a two FREE workouts to get you moving. I 100% recommend selecting a playlist of your favorite workout songs to accompany you. In fact, I 100% recommend playing said playlist LOUDLY.  It’s always better with (loud) music.

See below for one do-anywhere workout (Round and Round) and one workout to do if you have a set of dumbbells available (Short Circuit). I’m also including my favorite workout playlist in case you need a little inspiration.


Equipment needed: None

Round 1

1 min: Jumping jacks – as many as you can
15 Push Ups (under control – think “2-2” count)
1 min: Burpees – as many as you can
15 Squat and Hold (slow squat down and hold 5 seconds)
1 min: Mountain Climbers – as many as you can
12 Lunge and Hold (slow lunge down and hold 5 second) Alternate legs so 6 on each

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Round 2

1 min: High Knee Run FAST!
10 Push Up to Side Plank (do one push up then turn to side and hold side plank 5 sec, one push up, turn to other side, hold 5 seconds – so 5 on each side)
1 min: Star Jacks – as many as you can
15 Squat and Pulse (slow squat down and pulse at the bottom for 4)
1 min: Ice Skaters
12 Lunge and Pulse (slow lunge down and pulse at the bottom, alternating legs, 6 on each)

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Repeat. (yes – do both rounds again!)

Finish with Core

25 Crunches
25 Bicycle crunches
20 Supermen
Plank for time – hold as long as you can

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Equipment Needed: A set of dumbbells

CIRCUIT 1: 2 rounds, 45 sec each exercise with 15 sec transition time in between.

  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Squat with a Front Raise
  3. Russian Twists
  4. Push Ups


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CIRCUIT 2: 3 rounds, 30 sec each exercise with 10 sec transition

  1. Bicep curls
  2. Overhead Press with Alternating Lunge
  3. Plank with Hip Drop
  4. Squat Jumps


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CIRCUIT 3: 2 rounds, 1 minute each exercise with 15-20 sec transition

  1. Push Up to Plank
  2. Single Leg Right side (with or without a light weight in your hand)
  3. 3. Single Leg Left side (with or without a light weight in your hand)
  4. High Knee Run with Twist (elbow to opposite knee – option: high knee march with twist, or drop the twist)



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Elizabeth’s Workout Playlist

Each of these links to a video, but not the traditional music video so check them out.

Some are hot and some are funny, but all are awesome! Which one speaks to you?

  1. “Come On Get Up” Janet Jackson
  2. “The Lawnmower” Aryay
  3. “Ya Mama (Push the Tempo)” Fatboy Slim
  4. “Excalibur 2000 Radio Mix” F.C.B.
  5. “Run to You” Novaspace (supped up version of Bryan Adams – how can you go wrong?)
  6. “Lose Yourself” Eminem
  7. “Thunderstruck” ACDC
  8. “Hella Good” No Doubt
  9. “Galvanize” Chemical Brothers
  10. “Born to Rage” Dada Life

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