#reverb15//Day 2//Photo Op

We are writing in December to remember…

Day 2: Pick your single most favorite photo from this year.

Um. One? They clearly haven’t met me. I take pictures of evvvvvverything. I was already playing catch up on these post-a-day deadlines and then they expect the least decisive person on the planet to just pick one?

Well, I couldn’t do it. I picked two. I know, I know, I’m such a rebel…


Glorious day at Lake Anna

This was maybe the best day of 2015. Jaime and I drove down to Lake Anna where my sister from another mister, Heather, had graciously invited us to her lake house. It was a particularly stressful time and this was a perfect day of zen, sun, and fun.

I remember heading out on the boat, looking out over this gorgeous view, listening to the shrieks of fun coming from behind the boat where we pulled Jaime and two youngster family members of Heather’s on a big raft and not being able to stop smiling. I physically couldn’t stop and I was aware of it and in the moment and…a million other positive feelings, too.

I was at peace. That doesn’t happen often so yeah, this is a favorite.

Best. Photo bomb. Ever.
Best. Photo bomb. Ever.

The second picture I just can’t help but love. It wraps up my life so perfectly. At the forefront, the most important person to me in life. A really fantastic picture of us having a truly fun, happy moment together.

And behind us? BOOM. Vindhya cheesin’! Our friends have played such an important role in keeping us sane and providing moments of levity when the rest of life just seems so freaking hard. I absolutely love everything happening here.

Whittling down to these two was next to impossible. There was the perfect picture of my phenomenal BodyJam team in rehearsal, lined up, striking the perfect position in synchrony. There was the sweetest shot of Mark and Sam Adams cuddled up. And don’t even get me started on this year’s Thanksgiving pictures…too many amazing moments to count!

I really, really, really hope there are more picture prompts.


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