#reverb15//Day 4//Yum

I am posting every day in December to reflect on 2015. If that sounds like something you might be in to, join in any time! I glommed on Tuesday after seeing my friend Kim’s first post. I played catch up, but you don’t have to! You could pick and choose! No blog of your own? No worries – post your thoughts on the day’s prompt in the comments here or on Facebook or heck, go crazy – write them down on paper. With a pen. You do you.

Day 4:  What was the best meal you had in 2015? Why? Did you make it or did someone make it for you?

My favorite meal of the year came early on.  I had surgery on my knee in February. Originally scheduled for 2:00pm, which was already late considering I had to stop eating at midnight the night before, got pushed to 5:00pm the day before and when all was said and done, I wasn’t brought back til 6:15pm.

Mark drove me home and promptly took my food order. All hopped up on pain meds and my inhibitions left in the recovery room, here was my order:

Drunken rib eye, medium, shoe string french fries from Mike’s American Restaurant.


Italian Cheesey Bread from Lil Caesars


I mean, I’m nothing if not a class act.

It was of course absolutely scrumptious but what really made it my favorite was my army of angels who spent a late Thursday night running all over to make my dinner wish come true. I didn’t make it easy, either. You can’t order ahead at Mike’s. You have to go there, order at the bar, wait for it, and ask them to wrap it up. The angels split up and when they arrived back at my house, I feasted while they kept me company. They even picked up dessert. Oreos were the go-to at the time. No one came to the house without bringing Oreos for everyone and that night was no exception.

Thank you, ladies. Best meal of 2015!

Also – bested my last post by 4 minutes. Boom.


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