#reverb15//Day 6//Let it go!

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I am writing a post a day for the month of December. Why? To reflect on 2015. You’re welcome to join anytime!  Check out my friend, Kim, at Authentisitic who is also participating and then click around her site – great stuff!

Day 6: Let it go! What unfinished projects are on your to-do list for 2015? Are you going to finish them before 2015 ends, punt them to 2016, or just let them go?

I asked my husband this morning if he could think of any goals I set for 2015. He said, “Sure. I keep looking at that email myself.”

Wait. What email?

Ohhhhh…THAT email. On December 31, 2015, I sent my husband this email:

Hi Hon,

I was thinking of setting some goals for 2015. I don’t want to make resolutions and I don’t want to get toooo ambitious, but I thought maybe we could share a few ideas about what we’d like the year to look like.

I’ll go first 🙂 These are just broad ideas that I (we) can create an action plan for by the end of January.

1. Spanish: I want to keep working on it. DAILY. I’ve been slacking and I actually enjoy it so why am I not doing it?

2. Getting CTF going. For real. Starting with a 30 day challenge.

3. Get back to counseling.

4. Travel: Iceland? Brazil?

5. Get a financial plan.

Ok – how about you? Anything you want to accomplish in 2015? You want to read more? You want to run five 5K’s? You want to master the guitar? (should only take a year, right?  😉

If this seems daunting or overwhelming – don’t do it. I just find myself a little more motivated at the moment and I’m trying to go with it 🙂 Something about the promise of a new year…a clean slate. Makes me hopeful.

I love you!

So let’s take a look at how I did. Also, did you notice that word again? Hope….

  1. Work on learning Spanish daily: FAIL. Epically, enormously, monumentally failed at this. I don’t even remember setting this goal. The others came back to me, but not this one. December 31, 2014 might be the last time I spent any time learning Spanish.
  2. Get CTF going including a 30 day challenge: I call this a big, fat WIN! I revamped my blog, created an LLC and started training clients. I didn’t even need the 30 day challenge, but it’s on my radar for this year!
  3. Go back to counseling: DONE. Once a week, I meet with a tough lady who calls me on my crap and validates my thoughts and feelings. I can’t say it’s comfortable, but making progress on anything rarely is.
  4. Travel: Well…Mark and I have started discussing possible destinations for our 5th anniversary (Sept 17, 2016). That’s about as far as we’ve gotten. This is a fun one though, so I’m sure we’ll get crackin’ on it early.
  5. Get a financial plan: I think you can guess by the very way I worded it that financial planning might be outside my areas of expertise. This a 50 percent-er. We sat down and hashed out our budget and got really serious about tracking expenses and reigning in spending. I did call my bank to set up a meeting with a financial planner. We set a date, but the planner needed to get back tome regarding what time. He never called me back and I didn’t follow up. My bad. It’s definitely still on my to-do and I’ll be calling my bank again this week.

In terms of the prompt, numbers 1 and 4 are still on the list for 2016. They’ve clearly been punted. Number 5, I’m working continuing to pursue this year. I might not be able to actually meet with someone in 2015, but I should be able to at least schedule an appointment even if it’s not until January.

Goal number 2, though completed, will always be a work in progress. I will continue working on my brand and beefing up content on this blog. Looking forward to it!

I suppose goal number 3 is the same. Yes, I am in counseling so I met that goal, but I’m certainly not done with my work there either. I am a work in progress just like CTF. Aren’t we all?

Not too shabby, 2015! You weren’t as huge a pile of crap as I thought. No need to let anything go completely. I just need a little more time. Pretty awesome realization!  #reverb15 to the rescue!


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