#reverb15//Day 11//A Day in the Life

Reverb Haiku

December we write

Memories, insight, and more

Kim, me, the reverb

Day 11: A day in the life. Share a day in your life. Is this typical?

6:15am My alarm goes off. “Ripples” is the tone but “Ripples” is not all I hear. Mark’s alarm goes off at the same time. Mumford & Sons’ “Awake My Soul” plays. And plays. And plays.


I throw an arm over Mark’s still-sleeping body. “Mark!” He finally turns off the folky stylings and I enjoy what’s left of my 8 minute snooze.

6:23am Ripples. And I’m up.

6:45am With my coffee (make it a double), work bag, gym bag, breakfast, lunch, a snack or two, and occasionally dinner, I jump into my car, Ruby, and off we go to work.

7:30am I settle in at work. Unpack my food, fill my water bottle, prepare workouts for my morning PT clients.

8:00am First client, T, is a fave. She is focused and motivated. Her goals are specific and appropriate and she is making consistent progress. I’d train her everyday if I could. Two to three more clients follow T back to back.

10:00am Work out. Maybe lift. Maybe run through RPM or BodyJam.

11:30am I rush to the group fitness room to teach a 30 minute Core class. I have every intention of being a few minutes early every class. I never am. Never. I’m not proud of this. Hmm…New Year’s resolution?

12:00-2:00pm Lunch at my desk. Work blog writing. Email. Out reach program planning. Class prep. Client.

dunkin2:00pm Dunkin Donuts ice coffee break. Four more clients.

4:00pm I rush back to the group fitness room to teach 60 minutes of Cardio Intervals. I am generally on time for this one. Go me. This group is fierce and fun and super supportive of each other. I love them. They kill it every time.

5:00pm I head back to my office with every intention to shut things down a get out of there, but I make a fatal mistake. I check my email again. Twenty to thirty minutes later, I finally roll out and sit in traffic for an hour plus.

6:30pm I put on my assistant coach hat and arrive at Alexandria Country Day School for my niece’s 4th grade basketball practice. For 60 minutes, we attempt to wrangle 10 ten year old girls and hope that a little basketball makes it through the screaming, lying on the floor, cartwheels, constant chatter, and persistent off-topic questions. (Game two later today – we’ll find out if they’ve heard anything we’ve said)

7:30pm I drive my niece and another player home and head to my house where I pray Mark has made dinner.

8:00pm Mark has made dinner. He always makes dinner. He is for sure the better cook in the house. He’s even waited to eat with me. We sit at the table and talk about our days. I clean up because Mark cooked and that’s how it goes.IMG_4667

9:00pm These days, I sit down to write my #reverb post and watch a little DVR’d TV. Nashville, The League, Scandal, Big Bang Theory.

10:00-11:00pm Shower, pack my work and gym bags, get food prepped for the following day. Jump into bed, podcast on (This American Life, Serial, The Moth, Ted Talk Radio) and hope sleep does not escape me.




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