#reverb15//Day 12//Inspiration

My girl, Kim, and I are remembering the best bits of 2015 everyday of December. What were your best bits?

Day 12: Inspiration. What inspired you in 2015? Where did you seek inspiration?

I am falling behind in my posting. This pains me a little as I am deadline oriented, but trying to just do the best I can.

I’ve taken several days to think about this prompt. The God’s honest truth is this.

I didn’t feel very inspired this year. I did what I needed to do to get by. That happens in life and I’m ok with it. Not every year can be an inspired one. Instead of trying to trump up some quasi-inspirational story, I decided to just be real. 2015 was a “do what I gotta do to get by” kind of year.

And that’s that.

Here’s to an inspirational 2016.


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