#reverb15//Day 13//Blah

December is a time to look back over the year and reflect. That’s just what I’m doing.

Day 13: Monotony. Sometimes life is boring. Everyday we do chores, run errands, work, drive, etc… It’s not always exciting. How did you deal with boredom and monotony in 2015?

I am rarely bored. I’m a chronic over-scheduler. I don’t really look at my chores as monotonous. Not most of them anyway. I do loathe food planning and prep, but  I listen to Pandora or Spotify, or better yet a podcast, any podcast, to keep me entertained…to keep my mind busy.

At night and on weekends, I’m preparing for my fitness classes or writing workouts for clients. Even if I’m watching TV, like right now, I’m writing a post for a blog or making a to-do list. I do not “do” down time.

This is, for sure, a personality flaw. I don’t have a lot of time for self reflection and I believe this has become a defense mechanism. My “tape,” or self talk, is rarely positive and I keep busy so as not to have to hear it. This year, I have been working on acknowledging this negative tape’s existence in my head. Maybe in 2016, I’ll tackle how to change it for myself, and not just my clients. I have to hear it first and I am really good at filling in those opportunities with podcasts, country radio, BodyJam and RPM music and phone conversations.

nprI’m an NPR junkie. I love all talk radio (ok, I don’t love ALL talk radio, but I do love NPR and WJFK) but if I’m being real real, I think I started listening to talk radio because music makes me feel things. A BodyJam breakout can make me euphoric to the point of tears (I just love it so much, my heart could burst!). A country song could kick me in the gut. Adele…well shit…let’s not even get started on that. Regardless of the artist, all those feelings are really uncomfortable for me. I prefer to walk around numb. Numb is safe. Numb doesn’t hurt.

I’m working on that, too, but for now, I just don’t get bored. Who’s got time?

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