#reverb15//Day 15//Family Ties

Join Kim and me as we reflect daily on 2015 this month.

(Also – BOOM 2:30pm and I have posted TODAY’S post!)

Day 15: Family ties. What did family mean to you in 2015?

Everyone’s family has a slightly different dynamic and no one really understands a family other than their own. You may think you get it from seeing pictures on Facebook or holiday update letters, but the truth is you don’t really know what happens inside a family other than your own.

Family meant many things to me this year. Here are some highlights:

  • My sister understanding what “You’re teaching career is probably over.” meant for me in January
  • My parents coming to VA to help after my surgery in February
  • Coaching my niece’s basketball team with my brother-in-law through March
  • This day in April with my fur baby

    Sam Adams and Dunkin. Perfect day.
  • An amazing May cruise with my parents and wonderful birthday celebration including this little ditty from my faves:
  • Kate’s first blog post on CTF in June
  • An epic Ventura Family 4th of July BBQ and my brother-from-another-mother, Ryan’s wedding

  • Brooks’ and Sarah’s wedding in Maine with all the fam in August
  • Baby Jaime’s birthday party and the best anniversary celebration yet with my incredible husband in September
  • October was FULL of soccer and baseball games with my favorite two athletes
  • November: Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.
  • So far, December has included a visit from my parents, the start of the 4th grade girls’ basketball season, and a delicious Filomena‘s family dinner – and we still have Mark’s birthday and Christmas to go? I think December might take the 2015 cake 🙂



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