#reverb15//Day 16//(Don’t) Blink

Kim and I are reflecting on 2015 by writing everyday in December. Join us!

Day 16: Five minutes free write. Set a timer and write for five minutes on the word “blink.”

Don’t blink. Don’t hesitate. Don’t miss out. Change happens so painfully slowly at times and then so quickly at others. If I blink, I will miss it. I will miss an opportunity. If I blink, the window might close. Eyes on the prize and all that. If only I knew what the prize was.

No blinking, or my niece and nephew will no longer be kids and my parents may not longer be here. Eyes open and focused on moving forward while being in the moment. No blinking or I will have missed a chance at greatness or worse, chosen to be mediocre by consciously not taking a shot.

If I blink, ten years of marriage will go by and will I have loved him the way I should? Intentionally; daily? Choosing him always. If I blink, I might miss a day or a year. If I blink, he could be gone for any number of reasons. I can’t blink. I can’t chance it.

I won’t blink.

Eyes it

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