#reverb15//Day 18//Tips and Tricks

Kim, Barbara and I are reminiscing about 2015. Join us!

Day 18: Tips and tricks. Did you learn a new tip or trick this year? Enlighten us!

Here’s what I’ve learned from #reverb15 so far. My memory is terrible. TERRIBLE. I already knew this and have been avoiding the fact for years. I’ve built fail safes into my days so I don’t forget things. Alarms to remind me to pack batteries in the morning. Voice notes on my phone to remember a good choreography cue I think of in the car. Emails to Mark to ask him to text me something so I see it when I get out of work. All the sticky notes. ALL of them. Everything goes into my Google calendar and I send an “invite” to Mark so if I still, somehow, manage to forget, he will remind me. Yes, I have a paper planner, too.

What should be a fairly quick exercise, writing a few words on a prompt, has turned into hours of time as I pour over my planner and Facebook and ask people to remind me WHAT HAPPENED IN 2015?? I think all I have done by building in these fail safes is just completely usurp my need to actually practice remembering things.

My recall STINKS and I know it stinks and so everyday, I look at the prompt PRAYING something will spring to mind and knowing that if it doesn’t, it’s gonna be a late night. It’s Friday. I refuse to make Friday a late night for anything other than FUN times spent with FUN people (or sleep, I’d be really down for an early night with A LOT of sleep) so here’s the tip I learned from 2015:

Exercise your memory or it will not be there for you when you are writing daily posts about the past year.

And the Schick Intuition razor will change your life. intuition

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