#reverb15//Day 19//Best Laid Plans

EEEEK! I’m slipping! I’m behind in posting, but these daily memories of 2015 have been fun! A lot of work, but fun! My girls, Kim and Barbara are in, too!

Day 19: Planning. How did you plan your schedule this year? Did you use a paper planner? An electronic calendar? Both?

Well this is funny. I clearly don’t look ahead at these prompts or I would have kept my crazy rant about scheduling and planning on Day 18 for today!

As I said on the 18th, I use a paper planner, Google calendar, and iCalendar on my phone to keep track of my life. I work full time Monday through Friday. I teach four group fitness classes at my job as well as two weekly classes at XSport (Shameless plug: RPM Tuesdays @ 7pm @ XSport Merrifield and BodyJam Thursdays @ 6pm @ XSport Alexandria). I sub for other instructors often. I have rehearsals with my Jam team. I have CTF consultations and returning emails to schedule. I have St. Rita 4th Grade Girl’s Basketball practices and games to keep track of.

And then there is my social life! Family fun, friends fun, hubby fun, roommate fun, XSport members fun, holiday fun, birthday fun….on and on it goes.

So yes, I use all ways to keep track, complete with email and pop up reminders. I lead a crazy busy life and it is tough to keep track. But one thing I find to be super important?  I’m on time. Always.

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