#reverb15//Day 22//Moment of Clarity

Hello!! December we remember! Every day we are reminiscing on our best bits of 2015. Join Kim, Barbara and I as we take a look at the year past.

Moment of Clarity. Tell us about a moment of clarity from this past year. Did this realization hit you like a lightening bolt? Or did it come over you slowly?

Everything comes to me slowly. Everything. I think and think and rethink and mull over and talk it out and exhaust every possibility.

So that kind of answers the whole “lightening bolt vs. slowly” question.

I had a couple moments of clarity this year.

  1. Priorities. In January, I injured my knee and had to take four months off from teaching fitness classes. In all that down time, I realized a few things. I wrote about it here if you’re interested in the details, but the main point was that I had things a little backwards. I placed the importance of my classes over that of my husband, my family, my full time job and I did it for 10 years. Not cool. But now I realize the error of my ways and that it doesn’t mean I don’t love my classes. It just means I love my life a little more and that’s how it should be. 
  2. Therapy works. I set a goal to get back to therapy and really give it a go. Sometimes I feel great when I leave, like I’ve accomplished something. But to be honest, most of the time, it’s the hardest hour of my week. After 11 months, I have made a LOT of progress. Best decision of the year.

I’m ridiculously proud of these realizations. Looking forward to 2016’s moments of clarity.


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