#reverb15//Day 27//Worn Out

In December we remember. Kim, Barbara and I reminisce on 2015.

I’ve fallen behind on posting but it’s ok! I will do my best to catch up but today is an easy one and so I’ll start here and work backward 🙂

Day 27: Worn Out. What did you completely wear out and have to replace this year?

This is soooooo easy. Every pair of sneakers I wore this year are now down for the count. I typically have several pairs I rotate through. I have my “work” pair that I wear most day but use for limited exercise or activity. I have my “workout” pair that I use for most non-Jam related workouts and then I have two pairs of Jam sneakers I wear for class and rehearsal.

All of these should be burned. Incinerated. Never to be smelled again. My Jam sneakers are not only the smelliest, but the kicks with the least life left in them. My feet, knees, and back ache when I wear them. They HAD to go and so Mark and I braved the Springfield Mall…er…Towncenter…the day after Christmas and I bought two new pairs of sneakers for work and exercise. Santa (Ginzo) gave me new Les Mills Reebok dance sneakers for Christmas and I’m super looking forward to breaking them in.

When you workout, literally for a living, sneakers are important. I tend to wear mine into the ground and I shouldn’t, but I’ve purchased new kicks and I’m stoked to strap them on tomorrow!

Check ’em out!

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