#reverb15//Day 25//Gratitude

Kim, Barbara, and I are remembering in December!

Day 25: Gratitude. What are you grateful for this year? Why? How did you show your gratitude?

Oooooh 2015, you little jerk. This has been a really tough year for Mark and me, but I have had the opportunity to to reflect on all the ways our life has been great, too.

#1 My husband. I have never felt so grateful to have Mark as my partner as I do right now. As much as we have disagreed and argued and were not perfect spouses to each other this year, we also know that neither of us is bailing. I am so grateful to have him by my side. Team Ventura.


#2 My parents. I am grateful to my parents for always loving me, but maybe even more so for making it impossible for me not to KNOW they love me. I think there are lots of parents who love their children but can’t always show it. I have never questioned their love and the security I have felt from that has gone a long way in keeping my head up this year. I know so many people who do not know that kind of unconditional love and I truly do not know how they get through the tough times. My heart goes out to them.


#3 My sister. Kate has always been a voice of reason in my life. Always. This year has been no different. She has been a sounding board and pillar of support and my best friend. We have not always had that relationship, but this year it is clear that she is my biggest advocate. She is my forever friend, my confidant, and my very best adviser. I can’t imagine where I’d be without her. Quite literally.


#4 My home. As unconventional as it is, my home and the people who live there are amazing. I am so grateful to have a beautiful place to live, in a wonderful neighborhood, four miles from Kate, with my husband and our wonderful roommate, Jaime. Without Jaime, Mark and I might not still be living here so my cup of gratitude runneth over, for sure.

#5 My career. I am so incredibly grateful to do what I love for a living. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that, but it is true. I’m a lucky girl.

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