In December we remember. Kim, Barbara, and I are reminiscing on 2015.

Day 24: Values. What did you value this year? How did you live from your values?

2015 was all about hard work, dedication and better prioritizing.

Starting off the year injured, I spent February through April in physical therapy 3 times a week working to get my knee ready to Jam again (read: walk, sleep through the night, then Jam. Maybe.) I had homework to do on my off days and I knew if I didn’t commit to it, I might be out of teaching for good.

So commit is exactly what I did. I worked extremely hard in PT and out. I followed my doctor’s and PT’s orders even when it was killing me to do so – like, “You can ride the bike at level one for 8 minutes. That’s it.” UGH! I wrote all about it so if you’re interested in the progression, click here!




Physical hard work wasn’t the only kind I put in this year, though. I hustled HARD to get CTF up and running. I knew nothing about starting a business, but I did it anyway. Below is my WordPress stats page. I’m pretty sure Ginzo is responsible for about half of these views, (thanks, Mom!) but even still – that’s a huge increase from 2014. I feel like the hard work paid off – now here’s to doubling this in 2016! Favorite stat? Views from ten different countries!!


Priorities, Priorities.

I feel like I’ve written about this endlessly already, but I really committed to prioritizing family

I was a jerk. Can you every forgive me?
I was a jerk. Can you every forgive me?

first better this year. I am somewhat ashamed to say it was hard to do. I feel like family should always come first, right? It should be a no-brainer. My classes at the gym have trumped just about everything else in my life for 10 years and breaking that habit has been difficult. Making decisions that support a better quality of life for my husband and me (and Sam Adams, too!) has certainly become easier with practice. I still LOVE my classes. LOVE THEM.

But I love my husband more. Period.

EbMark SA

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