#reverb15//Day30//Process Over Outcome

In December, we remember!

Day 30: Process Over Outcome. What did you take on this year where you truly enjoyed the process (and didn’t just focus on the outcome).

This one is tough. I am definitely an outcome-oriented person and I’ve spent the last few hours mulling this over and I’m still struggling.

I just wrote about RPM training yesterday. I enjoyed that process very much. I generally enjoy learning my BodyJam choreography (though the January launch is always the toughest to prepare for time-wise and has the most riding on it recruitment-wise).

I turned to Kim’s post today for a little inspiration only to find she feels essentially the same way I do – though, she enjoys the process of laundry very much. I do not. At all. The mention of laundry made me think of a few other household chores and the processes behind them.

I really enjoy doing the dishes. This isn’t to say I look forward to it and I definitely feel overwhelmed when I come home to a sink full of crap to be cleaned, but once I get going, I really do enjoy it. It’s a few moments of solitude cleeeeeaning. I like the feel of the soap on the dishes. I like the squeak of a clean plate or mug. I like when the sponge or dish cloth gets SUPER sudsy. I like really hot water. The hotter, the better. I have hands of steel that way (thanks, Ginzo!).

I do not, however, like putting the dishes away. I don’t really like putting anything away. Ask my husband and roommate (both of whom have a “touch” of OCD”, my sister (I might have been messy, but I saved Caleb’s face that one time!) or my parents. I’m a “walk into the bedroom (only bc it’s not socially acceptable to do it in the hallway when you have roommates), drop trow, step out, leave them in a heap with two perfectly formed leg holes on the floor” kind of gal. Sorry roomies.

But washing the dishes? Yeah, that’s ok in my book.


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