#reverb15//Day 31//Brand New

In December, we remember. Kim, Barbara and I have spent the last month thoughtfully reflecting on 2015. Ok, mostly thoughtfully. Day 18: Tips and Tricks was a half-assed attempt, but the rest of December, I reflected thoughtfully 🙂

Day 31: Brand new. You can have a fresh start whenever you want. But there’s something nice about January 1. Share your plans for the new year.

Here I sit, cramped for time and not wanting to skimp on this post at all. I want to take my time and really think about this because while I’ve been thinking about thinking about it, I haven’t actually thought about it. Ya follow? So I will post this now, to say I have big dreams for next year and I can’t wait to share them, but sharing will have to wait for January 1.

The suspense builds…

I’m off to prepare for our New Year’s Eve Open House. There are citrus (Curtis?) fruits to be purchased, tables to set, an ADORABLE pup to bath and dress in his formal wear and maybe a quick make-out session with my husband before friends and family arrive.

Enjoy your evening, be safe and remember, Schick Intuition is where it’s at.

why not


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