#reverb16//9//A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays can be busy days and they can also be lazy recovery days. Tell us about yours (or your plans for a day this weekend) from top to bottom.


7:30am Slept in, headed to work for 10am

3:15pm Headed home

4:00pm Cocktails with the hubby

7:00pm Surprise Dinner Reservations with hubby

10:30pm Bedtime


8:30am Wake up

9:00am Drop off Sam Adams for pre-holiday grooming

9:10am My car, Ruby, rolls over 100,000 miles

9:45am RPM at XSport

3:10pm Sarah’s basketball game

6:00pm Dinner with friends

9:00pm Watch Race

12:00am Hubby tries to console me and ease my anxiety so we can go to bed

2:00am Bedtime


10:00am Wake up to hubby making french press coffee

11:00am Breakfast…eggs with feta, toast

12:oopm Commence present wrapping while watching Holiday Inn

1:15pm Grocery shopping

2:00pm Watch Redskins and continue wrapping

2:30pm Make grilled cheeses for hubby and me

3:45pm Meet friends at a Holiday Market

6:00pm Roast broccoli and heat up Surprise Dinner leftovers

6:30pm Finish Holiday Inn and then watch Batman Vs. Superman while folding laundry

9:00pm Watch the Cowboys game

10:00pm Catch up on #reverb16

11:00pm Bedtime





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