Time.  It’s something we never have enough of and can never get back once it’s spent.  How do you prioritize your time?  What would you like to make more time for?

TIME? WHAT IS TIME? WHO HAS TIME? Whoever you are….I want some. I’ll buy it from you. Pretty please?

Anyone see that Justin Timberlake movie, In Time?  It gets a whopping 36% on Rotten Tomatoes, but the premise is so interesting. People stop aging after 25 but are engineered to only live one more year. In order to live longer, you have to pay for time. Time becomes the currency. Want a coffee? That’ll be 15 minutes off your life. A cab ride? 60 minutes. The rich live forever and the poor…live hour to hour…minute to minute.

Gives a whole new (literal) meaning to “time is money,” doesn’t it?

Take my advice. Do not pay any currency to watch this movie. 

Although…you do get to look at JT for an hour and 49 minutes and let’s be honest – that’s worth something.

This movie makes me consider how I spend my time. Do I use it well? How much do I waste?

And what constitutes a “waste” of time? 

I struggle with differentiating between “wasting time” and “down time” or just relaxing. I toggle between not being able to sit still and completely zoning out for hours at a time. 

I generally have to be doing something. If Mark and I are watching TV, I’m most likely folding laundry, food prepping, creating class playlists, or writing my #reverb16 post. 

But if Mark isn’t home and I have the TV to myself? Yikes. I can binge watch just about anything and do nothing but surf Facebook while doing it. 

If the second scenario happens, I often feel a lot of guilt for not accomplishing something within that time. I have projects I want to do and goals I’ve set, but in those zone-out times….ugh. Nothing gets done. 

Do I just need that down-time? Or is that wasted time? 

I continue to wonder about this and have made a goal to try some new hobbies in 2017. We’ll see how that goes. 


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