Preparations.  Do you like to prepare waaaay in advance, and be prepared for every scenario?  Or do you just do things on the fly by the seat of your pants?

Oh lord. I’m a planner. I plan for planning time. I schedule time to make a list of things to plan for and then make a written list as well and email it to Mark so I don’t forget what needs to be planned. 

I get it from my momma…

I have issue with anxiety. The only thing that calms it is to have a well thought out plan for, well, everything.

Quick example:

We hosted Mark’s fam and mine for Thanksgiving a few years ago. I made lists for EVERYTHING. I made a list of food to be served – some traditional Ventura dishes, some traditional Ouellette dishes. I made a grocery list. I made a list of people attending. I made a list of serving dishes for every food item (Mark rolled his eyes 1000 times at this but in the end it def made the day go more smoothly and I think he’d agree). 

There were lists of appetizers and lists of desserts. There were time tables for what got cooked when. 

Was it overboard? Sure.

Was I able to enjoy the day?


Worth it.

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