#reverb17//5//The holidays aren’t the holidays until I….

The holidays aren’t the holidays until I…

Go home.

My parents’ house is a masterfully decorated winter wonderland. There are tiny snowmen in nooks and crannies. There are gorgeously painted Santa Clauses clustered perfectly. The mantle is trimmed with fresh greens and there are angels seemingly floating above it.

There is ALWAYS Christmas music playing. Perry Como, Johnny Mathis, Amy Grant, Manhattan Transfer, Barry Manilow….and of course, the family faves: NSync and The Muppets (RUN RUN REINDEER). That’s to name maybe 20% of the collection. The music plays, we all sing along. Sometimes Ginzo will whisk you into a two step or spin you around just to catch you and lead you expertly in rhythm to Barry begging you to stay because, “Baby it’s Cold Outside.”

There are at least a dozen different kind of homemade cookies. Of course there are. We all have different favorites. Kate – sugar, Dad – cocoa logs, Mark – oatmeal raisin/lemon, Ginzo – hmmm…she likes the shortbread with the chocolate and the lemon and the cookies she adds a raspberry jelly to…and me? I don’t even know if I can narrow it down. I love the “lace” cookies, break-ups, scotch crunchies (Mom – are those the ones with the Chinese noodles, peanuts, chocolate, and butterscotch? Those.) I’m not even sure if I can choose a favorite of those. Mmmmmm…

Kate’s pretty stocking and my ugly one.

Midnight Mass at St. Bridget with the choir.

Snow. Or at least cold weather.

It’s just not quite the same when we’re in VA for Christmas. I don’t seem to get into the spirit quite the same way. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that I’m fairly certain I married the Grinch 😉  It’s not his fault. If your birthday was December 23rd, Christmas might not be your fave either.

I’m thankful my parents will be here next week through Christmas. Maybe when Mark is out, we can play some merry little tunes and they can spread a little of that Christmas spirit around my home the way it envelops theirs.

Ten more days…


2 thoughts on “#reverb17//5//The holidays aren’t the holidays until I….

  1. Also looking forward to my family Christmas ( that’s Christmas with our family) love all
    the traditions, photos coming down the stairs, 6 hours of opening presents, stocking stuffers, great meals, happy people ( mostly). Love it all..


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