Fitspo. Motivating, clever, ever-trending fitspo. As a fitness professional and avid worker-outer, I find myself drawn to fitspiration. It’s hard to resist. Super witty quotes about not giving up paired with hot bodies – yep, I want every last image for my fitness Pinterest board. Do I want to look like the women in those pictures? … More #takebackfitspo

Claiming Our Space

Welcome to my new series, Claiming Our Space. I started writing this series not as a way to vent about my weight or the ways of the world, though I will, I am sure of that 🙂 but to help build momentum for a movement. A movement that is three-fold in its purpose: Acceptance and love … More Claiming Our Space

The Chase

Picture it: You wake up and as you get out of bed you think, “I’m gonna pee and then go weigh myself.” You do, in that order of course, and when you find yourself down .2 from last night, you sigh….That’s it?   You don’t just get dressed. You pull out 4 bottoms and 3 … More The Chase