Focus on THIS

Weight: 155.4 (-2.0) Pain: 6 out of 10 Cravings: 1 out of 10 Mood: Thrilled Energy: 7 out of 10 Week one is in the books. Seven days of gluten free, dairy free, and red and orange ALCAT column free eating have passed and my life has CHANGED! All is right with the world! I … More Focus on THIS

Accept and Respect

Last week I leaped into The Mush. It was unintentional. In truth, it was the opposite outcome from what I was seeking at the beginning of the week. I started last Monday down another .8 lbs and with the intention of writing a blog post about a pound being a pound and how it was … More Accept and Respect

Day One

I have a friend, who, like many of us, is really hard on herself when it comes to successes in nutrition and fitness. She judges herself harshly, gives herself very little credit and in return is not able to enjoy her little wins the way she should. Example: In a recent message to me, she … More Day One