The bottoms of my feet hurt. My ankles are stiff and painful. The blanket on my lap hurts my skin. The inside of my body creeks and groans with little lightning rods of discomfort. Not always pain, exactly, but like little reminders that every individual cell exists. As if I could forget. When I stand, … More 2:07am

Elizabeth 2.0

It’s been quite some time since I have written about My Tape. I tried on multiple occasions, but forming words around what life has been like has felt impossible for a long time. I have to write about My Tape as honestly and openly as possible because it can’t help me to share half-truths. It … More Elizabeth 2.0

My Tape: The Pedulum

Extremes I am a person of extremes. I really like something or I really don’t. I dive into new dogmas with 100% commitment and enthusiasm. I am desperate for answers and if someone I even remotely trust offers them in the form of a new (to me) moral take, nutrition/fitness plan, or alternative to body … More My Tape: The Pedulum