Taking a Knee: Post-Op

I’ll let you all exhale….I made it.

Surgery was an extremely easy process – the easiest part of the whole thing. I suppose that makes sense since I was asleep for it but honestly, it was no big deal.

The waiting until 6:15 pm after not eating since midnight the night before? Yeah that part was less easy. I attempted to go to work for part of the day since go-time got pushed from 3:15 to 5:15. It was a mistake. I was there about an hour with a headache and zero ability to focus.

I came home and tried to sleep for a while. I watched some BodyJam youtube clips (I will never understand why some people post what they post. At least make sure your chore’s right… Sigh. *Steps off soap box*) and perused what seemed to be a painfully slow day on Facebook.

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Taking a Knee: Hope

Week three was suuuuuper emotional. A proverbial roller coaster. Peaks and valleys.

It started with a valley. A deep, deep valley.

The Saddest Monday Night

I’ve been pretty successful distracting myself with doctor appointments, work projects, writing and working on our new business venture, but Monday night was a new low for me.

Jaime left for Jam, Mark wasn’t home yet and I was so, so sad.

No Jam. No fix everything Jam. No Monday night, crazy fun, see all my friends, dance my ass off Jam.

And I was just so sad.

I wouldn’t be able to Jam again for 16 months. First of all, that’s an eternity. Secondly, I’m not 23. I’m 36 and the thought of not teaching again until I was 38…it just seemed…crazy. By the time I got back, everything would have passed me by.

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