Correct Me if I’m Wrong…

I apologize for abandoning you in the middle of the ClassPass Experiment. The problem was that I took no good classes. None. Zero. Zippy. Writing the blog articles became an exercise in how to be entertaining without being mean. Because I had almost nothing nice to say. And I think we have all learned, if you don’t have anything nice to say…

I do have something to say to the group fitness instructors of the world, and also to the group fitness enthusiasts. My hope is both groups benefit from both messages.

No, no. Ones who demonstrate movement.

To the group fitness instructors out there:

That’s what we’re most-often called, I think? Instructors. Sometimes teachers. Occasionally trainers. What else are we? Leaders? Educators? Demonstrators?

My point – we are INSTRUCTors. So why do so many of us shy away from actually INSTRUCTing? In 23 years of teaching group fitness, I know I have had several different answers for this. I’m guessing many instructors reading this will be able to find themselves in one of the following stages of group fitness instruction.

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#reverb15//Day17//Free Time

I have joined my friend Kim (and Barbara!) in writing some reflection on 2015.

Day 17: Free time. How did you spend your free time? Did you have any free time?

I mentioned in in my Day 13 post that I don’t really “do” down time so my free time is usually scheduled as well and fills up quickly.

If I have free time, I’m usually looking for a fitness class to take or running choreography or blogging or cleaning or or or… Maybe I don’t really understand free time. Is prepping choreography for my part time job “free time?” Or what about adding content to my website to drive business? How about working out? Is working out free time or a necessity? I think you can guess what my answer to that would be.

It doesn't happen often, but man it's glorious!
It doesn’t happen often, but man it’s glorious!

Maybe I just want to make the most out of the time I am not at my full time job. Things like bike rides with friends, meals with family, TV with the hubby, Snood (don’t click it, it will be the beginning of the biggest time-suck in the history of time-sucks)…that’s free time for sure and I like that to be just as planned and scheduled as everything else.

If I have a Friday night coming up where I don’t have BodyJam rehearsal and no work to do, I am probably texting a friend to see what they are up to. If I’m going to have free time, I am NOT going to have it alone! jam rehearsal

#reverb15//Day 11//A Day in the Life

Reverb Haiku

December we write

Memories, insight, and more

Kim, me, the reverb

Day 11: A day in the life. Share a day in your life. Is this typical?

6:15am My alarm goes off. “Ripples” is the tone but “Ripples” is not all I hear. Mark’s alarm goes off at the same time. Mumford & Sons’ “Awake My Soul” plays. And plays. And plays.


I throw an arm over Mark’s still-sleeping body. “Mark!” He finally turns off the folky stylings and I enjoy what’s left of my 8 minute snooze.

6:23am Ripples. And I’m up.

6:45am With my coffee (make it a double), work bag, gym bag, breakfast, lunch, a snack or two, and occasionally dinner, I jump into my car, Ruby, and off we go to work.

7:30am I settle in at work. Unpack my food, fill my water bottle, prepare workouts for my morning PT clients.

8:00am First client, T, is a fave. She is focused and motivated. Her goals are specific and appropriate and she is making consistent progress. I’d train her everyday if I could. Two to three more clients follow T back to back.

10:00am Work out. Maybe lift. Maybe run through RPM or BodyJam.

11:30am I rush to the group fitness room to teach a 30 minute Core class. I have every intention of being a few minutes early every class. I never am. Never. I’m not proud of this. Hmm…New Year’s resolution?

12:00-2:00pm Lunch at my desk. Work blog writing. Email. Out reach program planning. Class prep. Client.

dunkin2:00pm Dunkin Donuts ice coffee break. Four more clients.

4:00pm I rush back to the group fitness room to teach 60 minutes of Cardio Intervals. I am generally on time for this one. Go me. This group is fierce and fun and super supportive of each other. I love them. They kill it every time.

5:00pm I head back to my office with every intention to shut things down a get out of there, but I make a fatal mistake. I check my email again. Twenty to thirty minutes later, I finally roll out and sit in traffic for an hour plus.

6:30pm I put on my assistant coach hat and arrive at Alexandria Country Day School for my niece’s 4th grade basketball practice. For 60 minutes, we attempt to wrangle 10 ten year old girls and hope that a little basketball makes it through the screaming, lying on the floor, cartwheels, constant chatter, and persistent off-topic questions. (Game two later today – we’ll find out if they’ve heard anything we’ve said)

7:30pm I drive my niece and another player home and head to my house where I pray Mark has made dinner.

8:00pm Mark has made dinner. He always makes dinner. He is for sure the better cook in the house. He’s even waited to eat with me. We sit at the table and talk about our days. I clean up because Mark cooked and that’s how it goes.IMG_4667

9:00pm These days, I sit down to write my #reverb post and watch a little DVR’d TV. Nashville, The League, Scandal, Big Bang Theory.

10:00-11:00pm Shower, pack my work and gym bags, get food prepped for the following day. Jump into bed, podcast on (This American Life, Serial, The Moth, Ted Talk Radio) and hope sleep does not escape me.




#reverb//Day 7//These are a few of my favorite things

I’m spending December reflecting on 2015 by posting daily with my friend and fellow blogger, Kim. Check her out here. Yesterday, we had two very different takes on the same question. Super interesting! Feel free to join us at any time!

Day 7: Favorite things. Tell us about your favorite things from this year. Are they new discoveries or things you’ve always loved?

Dewey: Friends and I took our second (annual hopefully forever) trip to Dewey Beach. A long weekend of relaxation, sun, Crushes of all flavors, Starboard brunch, all the tequilas and just really freaking awesome friendships. Best times with those peeps.

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St. Rita’s Girls Basketball: I helped coach my niece Sarah’s 3rd grade basketball team. I have to admit, I went in apprehensively. Kids are not my forte. I have little patience and my coaching experience is mostly in middle school and high school, so this was going to be a challenge for me. Honestly? One of the best experiences of my life. Watching those girls learn, progress, and develop as players over the season was amazing. A 10-2 record didn’t hurt either 🙂 I loved it so much, I’m back again this year. I’m super busy, working multiple jobs, but the few hours I spend volunteering with this team is so rewarding. It is MORE than worth it.

IMG_3222 10991402_10205998791550817_7455157945219617246_n (1)

Bike riding: I hadn’t been on a bike since circa 1990. Not one that moves, that is. Then a few friends and my husband got bikes and it was the cool thing to do so I jumped in. I went for my first ride with my girl, Julia, leading the way. Where to, you ask? Caboose Brewing Company in Vienna. We followed the W&OD trail from Arlington until we got to the brewery where Jaime and Mark met us for a taste test and a ride home. It was so great. Terrifying at times, but generally awesome. I am so glad I got outside my comfort zone to try something new. I’m in love. We are all signed up for a century ride next August and I just went shopping for my own bike. Pretty excited.

Ryan & Jill’s Wedding: Not only did my brother from another mother marry his perfect mate, and not just because they threw a FANTASTIC, unique, beautiful, amazingly fun wedding – that they did, but the entire experience that weekend was one of family, friends, fun, love and beauty. From Jill being a gorgeous bride, to Ryan clearly so being ready to make her his wife; from the incredible venue, food, and cookie table to the signature drinks; from Kate’s dress zipper issue (where her “back up” dress might have been hotter than the broken zipper dress – who owns that many awesome dresses besides Shals? And maybe Julianna?) to Vindhya being an absolute fashionista (always); from hilarity on the shuttle to the venue to BodyJam on the dance floor (duh); from Chevron dresses to stops at Friendly’s…just a freaking good time. Thanks Ryan and Jill!

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Sweatpants: Reebok’s Les Mills sweatpants might make me the happiest girl this side of the Mason-Dixon. They are the MOST comfortable pants I have ever worn and I feel like a rockstar wearing them. They aren’t even mine. They are Jaime’s. I did ask for some for Christmas. C’mon Santa…. (er…mom)…



Flowers: For our anniversary, Mark went back to the florist who did our wedding flowers (pictures still take my breath away) and had them recreate my bouquet. He had just started a new job and had to have them delivered there so he could bring them to me when he got home that night. The ribbing he endured, I’m sure! I was blown away. By the gesture…by the beauty…by my love for this man…

IMG_4804 IMG_4803

What about you? Faves of 2015?

Taking a Knee: 4 Weeks Down, 4 Weeks to Go

Good Monday morning!

Thursday, March 19th, marked one month since my surgery. As I wrote last week, time is FLYING and I am feeling really good.

So good, in fact, that I did a little “Arm Jamming” this weekend at XSport Merrifield.

Ok, maybe sliiiiiightly more than Arm Jamming, but I was very careful not to jump, turn or squat. It was the first time in nine weeks that I’ve done anything even close to cardio and it felt AMAZING.

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Taking a Knee: Nothing if Not Interesting

After the dramatics of last week, I thought I might not have much to write about this week. I’d seen the doc. I had a plan. How interesting could getting back to daily life be?

Oh Elizabeth. Silly, silly, Elizabeth….

You know in scary movies how you’re not supposed to say, “Be right back.” because it seals your fate as the next dead character?

Well I learned that if you say, “Sure hope I have something to write about this week.” as a blogger, it seals your fate for one bat-shit crazy week.

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