From NOVA to NOLA and Back!

Weight: 155 (-2.4)

Pain: 6 out of 10
Cravings: 1 out of 10
Mood: Tired but Happy
Energy: 3 out of 10

Hello, Week Two.

After such a successful week one, I expected  the beginning of week two, at the very least, to be a breeze. I was leaving for New Orleans on Thursday evening and well aware of the challenges the trip might pose but I thought Mon-Wed would be an easy continuation of my super productive Week One. And it might have been, had I gotten more than four hours of sleep a night between Sunday and Friday.  When you throw in a puppy with a broken leg, a super delayed flight landing at circa 3 AM and 8 fitness classes in two days, frankly, the whole week should have been a disaster.

Poor Sam Adams…


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