Correct Me if I’m Wrong…

I apologize for abandoning you in the middle of the ClassPass Experiment. The problem was that I took no good classes. None. Zero. Zippy. Writing the blog articles became an exercise in how to be entertaining without being mean. Because I had almost nothing nice to say. And I think we have all learned, if you don’t have anything nice to say…

I do have something to say to the group fitness instructors of the world, and also to the group fitness enthusiasts. My hope is both groups benefit from both messages.

No, no. Ones who demonstrate movement.

To the group fitness instructors out there:

That’s what we’re most-often called, I think? Instructors. Sometimes teachers. Occasionally trainers. What else are we? Leaders? Educators? Demonstrators?

My point – we are INSTRUCTors. So why do so many of us shy away from actually INSTRUCTing? In 23 years of teaching group fitness, I know I have had several different answers for this. I’m guessing many instructors reading this will be able to find themselves in one of the following stages of group fitness instruction.

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Kate Finamore: Group Fit Guru

Kate Finamore, Director of TRUE GRIT at TRUE Health and Wholeness in Arlington, VA.  CTF’s Group Fit Guru

I am so, so, so excited to introduce Kate Finamore, Director of TRUE GRIT at TRUE Health and Wholeness in Arlington (and also my sister), as our first contributor to CTF! Kate has 20+ years experience in the fitness biz but she is undoubtedly known for her expertise in all things GROUP FIT! She is, without question, a Group Fit Guru.

Kate approached me about borrowing a little space on CTF to blog about an experiment she is conducting where she will be taste-testing several fitness classes in the Alexandria, Arlington, and Falls Church, VA areas using a two week free membership to ClassPass; a service that, with membership, allows you entrance to a number of boutique fitness classes such barre or cycle classes without needing to “belong” to any one gym/studio.

I, of course, JUMPED at the opportunity to hear her thoughts on these classes and as we collaborated to get her first review up, we realized we could probably do better than just a two week trial series. So… Group Fit Guru was created. Kate will be the major contributor, but I’m likely to add my two cents occasionally as well.

Keep your eyes peeled for more services being added soon, including a phenomenal opportunity for fitness instructors to get direct feedback from Kate on their teaching. Until then, please enjoy Kate’s introductory post to The ClassPass Experiment.

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Jump Over the Bar. I Dare You.

Welcome back. No big life affirming, ultra introspective post today. Just a story about the woman whose genes I want to borrow. My husband has brought it to my attention that while I have no problem writing about super personal issues in a blog for 10’s of…10’s to read about, I have a really hard time sharing this info in person with the people it affects the most – which I realize now is probably a little frustrating to said people. But until I grow up emotionally enough to be more…direct, I’ll blog. On this particular occasion, I don’t just want the face to face. I want the whole world to know. Kate, this one’s for you.
I know some of you already know who Kate is and if you do, you probably understand why I want what she’s got. But I know some of you don’t know her and so for you, I tell the story of who Kate is to me, who she is to you, and why we need more Kates in the world.

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