Taking a Knee: What’s Up, Doc?

I know, I know. I’m late. Monday morning posts. That was the deal.

Well, I request special dispensation for the Monday following my annual St. Patrick’s Day Party.

Sam Adams: Ready to Party
Sam Adams: Ready to Party

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Taking a Knee: 8 minutes, 30 seconds

I kept myself busy Monday writing and working on Let’s Change the Tape. Tuesday though, Tuesday was another story.

On Tuesday, cabin fever set in and I was climbing the walls. I couldn’t settle on a project. I was tired of lying around but I wasn’t really supposed to be doing anything else. I couldn’t even find good terrible TV to watch.

By Wednesday, I was so ready to do ANYTHING that I decided to go into work for a while after my PT session in the morning.

I’m a personal trainer who isn’t allowed to train people until March 9th which makes going to work sound a little crazy. However, there is a little more to my job than just training clients.

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Taking a Knee: Post-Op

I’ll let you all exhale….I made it.

Surgery was an extremely easy process – the easiest part of the whole thing. I suppose that makes sense since I was asleep for it but honestly, it was no big deal.

The waiting until 6:15 pm after not eating since midnight the night before? Yeah that part was less easy. I attempted to go to work for part of the day since go-time got pushed from 3:15 to 5:15. It was a mistake. I was there about an hour with a headache and zero ability to focus.

I came home and tried to sleep for a while. I watched some BodyJam youtube clips (I will never understand why some people post what they post. At least make sure your chore’s right… Sigh. *Steps off soap box*) and perused what seemed to be a painfully slow day on Facebook.

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Taking a Knee: See You on the Other Side

Week four on the disabled list was pretty quiet.

I managed to lift Monday, Wednesday and Friday and did my straight leg raises (yawn) too. I attempted to get ahead at work, but mostly just did what I needed to do. My niece’s 3rd grade basketball team (I am the assistant coach) won again making them 10-2 for overall.

Nothing crazy or dramatic, just life carrying on.

Finally, a calm week.

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Taking a Knee: Nothing if Not Interesting

After the dramatics of last week, I thought I might not have much to write about this week. I’d seen the doc. I had a plan. How interesting could getting back to daily life be?

Oh Elizabeth. Silly, silly, Elizabeth….

You know in scary movies how you’re not supposed to say, “Be right back.” because it seals your fate as the next dead character?

Well I learned that if you say, “Sure hope I have something to write about this week.” as a blogger, it seals your fate for one bat-shit crazy week.

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Taking a Knee: Week One

Day 1

Launch Day (Day 1)
Launch Day (Day 1)

One step. One wrong step.

I’m already being melodramatic. It wasn’t a wrong step. (I mean, let’s be honest, how often do I misstep in Jam? 😉) It was just the step.

One year ago, I ran my best Beep Test, my fastest 5K, increased my vertical jump by an inch (big number for a little girl) and banged out 40 push ups.

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