Summer Fun: Two FREE Workouts!

Summer, summer, summertime!Fresh Prince

Vacations and barbecues.

Outdoor adventures and drinks on the patio.

Who doesn’t love it?

You know what else people love?

Free stuff.

If you are headed on a relaxing vacation of book reading, sun bathing (with the appropriate amount of sunscreen of course) and cool beverage sipping, by all means enjoy! Down time is crucial to recharging your batteries and refocusing on your wellness goals.

But if you decide you might to sneak a 30 minute workout, here are a two FREE workouts to get you moving. I 100% recommend selecting a playlist of your favorite workout songs to accompany you. In fact, I 100% recommend playing said playlist LOUDLY.  It’s always better with (loud) music.

See below for one do-anywhere workout (Round and Round) and one workout to do if you have a set of dumbbells available (Short Circuit). I’m also including my favorite workout playlist in case you need a little inspiration.

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