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Little Ones.  Whether you have kids of your own or not, there is likely a small person about who would like your attention.  Tell us about what the kids in your life are asking for this season.  Do you have any rules about how much to gift?

I do not have kids. Ninety percent of the time I am perfectly at peace with this. The other ten percent, I am moved by pictures of newborns and chubby one year-olds and all the “what ifs” creep back in and I think about turning our guest room into a nursery (Noah’s Ark theme) and watching Mark be the amazing father I know he would be…and the holidays are usually part of that ten percent.

And while I do not have my own little cherub, I am “Auntie Beth” to two amazing kids, Caleb and Sarah.

Big C

Caleb is my Godson and while I’m not the best Catholic role model – at least in specific terms of going to church regularly – I hope I am still a positive influence in his life because he sure is in mine.

He is so much his parents’ son. He has his mom’s talent for performing – whether it be like Kate through dance or on his own through theater and creating music. He has his dad’s patience and easy-going attitude. He inherited his incredible intelligence and his love of athletics from both of them.

He is a teenager so bad jokes and questionable decision making happen occasionally. I’m sure Kate could tell you a story or two 😉 He isn’t the best loser…we all have stories of playing games with a young Caleb that ended with a “accidental” flip of a board game.

But….he stands up for what he believes in a way most adults don’t even do. He’d give you the shirt off your back if you asked for it. If you needed it, you wouldn’t even have to ask.

He is funny and he is helpful. He is so good to and with his sister and so loving with us all. Every aunt should be so lucky…

What is it they say about the second child?

Then there is Sarah. AKA Sarah the Barah. AKA Itty Bitty. AKA Sam. She is the second…the last…the baby. Per Parents.com, the birth order of children plays a role in their personalities. Last born children exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Fun-loving
  • Uncomplicated
  • Manipulative
  • Outgoing
  • Attention-seeker
  • Self-centered

I’d say this is pretty spot and I feel like I can say that with some certainty since like Sam, I am also the baby of my family.

Sam is SO MUCH FUN. She is so much…everything! She is all guts and emotion. She is determined. She isn’t the biggest fan of sharing, though if you give her a minute to consider, she usually does offer.

She’s got attitude. A lot of it. I know it’s not lady-like to have attitude, but if you know Sam, you know being “lady-like” hasn’t really ever been a priority to her. I hope she keeps that spunk and doesn’t let a family member, teacher, friend, boy, girl….ANYONE tame her.

I love that kid so much for the smiles she gives us and the joy she emits.


If we wanted, Caleb and Sam would probably supply us with a list a few pages long of stuff they want. Well…Sam would, anyway. She’s still young enough to want “toys” so she usually has a few more suggestions. Sometimes we ask what they want and sometimes we don’t.

For a few years now, we have given the kids money for summer basketball camp. This has gone over very well and makes me happy to give them an experience instead of…stuff. Last year, we also took them snow boarding. By “we,” I mean, Mark. I sat in the lodge being overprotective of my knee. They seemed really like that as well.

This year, we’re back to stuff, BUT it’s meaningful stuff. Stuff I traveled a long way to get and stuff I think they’ll be pretty excited about. In case Caleb figured out how to subscribe to this thing, I won’t share what it is just yet. Pictures later.

We don’t really have rules about how much we spend on the kids. It really depends. We are happy to spend more for something worthwhile. Having those kids in my life is worth more than I could ever spend on them. They are lights in my life and I am so thankful for them!

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