#reverb15//Day17//Free Time

I have joined my friend Kim (and Barbara!) in writing some reflection on 2015.

Day 17: Free time. How did you spend your free time? Did you have any free time?

I mentioned in in my Day 13 post that I don’t really “do” down time so my free time is usually scheduled as well and fills up quickly.

If I have free time, I’m usually looking for a fitness class to take or running choreography or blogging or cleaning or or or… Maybe I don’t really understand free time. Is prepping choreography for my part time job “free time?” Or what about adding content to my website to drive business? How about working out? Is working out free time or a necessity? I think you can guess what my answer to that would be.

It doesn't happen often, but man it's glorious!
It doesn’t happen often, but man it’s glorious!

Maybe I just want to make the most out of the time I am not at my full time job. Things like bike rides with friends, meals with family, TV with the hubby, Snood (don’t click it, it will be the beginning of the biggest time-suck in the history of time-sucks)…that’s free time for sure and I like that to be just as planned and scheduled as everything else.

If I have a Friday night coming up where I don’t have BodyJam rehearsal and no work to do, I am probably texting a friend to see what they are up to. If I’m going to have free time, I am NOT going to have it alone! jam rehearsal

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